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No one likes spam, right? And despite the activities of various government agencies, foreign companies, and giant Internet companies, we also like our privacy to be protected.

Well, we are tracking you, at least a little bit. Iron Current utilizes Google Analytics as well as other 3rd party tracking tools that tell us things about your behavior on our site. We use this to try and improve/evolve our website offerings. These tracking tools and technologies may include the use of “cookies” which are files stored on your browser. Most browsers allow you to change how they treat cookies, but that’s up to you to determine. The bottom line is that we ARE using these cookies to track your activities, but hopefully just to offer you a better user experience. Of course, by using Google Analytics, we are also allowing them to access this information. And quite frankly, we don’t think anyone knows what Google actually does with all of that data.

You’ve been warned!

We also allow you to contact us directly and send us information in the form of comments, forms, email signup, etc. Just keep in mind that once you offer us these kinds of communications, they are ours to use as we wish. We’re probably just going to use these communications to communicate right back with you, but just keep in mind that we can utilize anything submitted to us through the website as we see fit.

Thus ends the legalese. Back to your regularly scheduled website.

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